PKH Pensionskasse Hoechst - Cologne

This project eloquently demonstrates how a formerly redundant building can be given a new lease of life as a result of a searching and imaginative design approach.
Although the facade of this 1960s office building was approaching the end of its useful life, the client took the decision to refurbish the building rather than demolish it. GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG’s design capitalises on the cost savings made in reno-vating the existing structure by using this opportunity to dramatically improve the layout and use of the building while maximising energy efficiency. The building incor-porates a wide range of energy-efficient features including a decentralised heating and cooling system which is integrated into the facade; combined with openable windows, this system offers the building’s occupants a remarkable degree of control over their immediate environment and has contributed to a significant reduction in running costs: the consequently building achieves a 24% saving on the EnEV statutory requirements for primary energy use.
The reinvigoration of the building is signalled by a new facade system of brushed aluminium panels, arranged in an interlocking pattern, which reflect changing light conditions to bring a subtle and constantly-shifting animation to each elevation.

Cooperation partners PKH, Pensionskasse Hoechst

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Completion: 2009
Owner: <a href= target=_blank>Pensionskasse</a> der Mitarbeiter der Hoechst-Gruppe VVaG
BGF: 12.730 m&sup2;
BRI: 41.100
Characteristics: 24,5%besser als EnEV
Projectnumber: 444