City quarters Merheim - Cologne

Six different building blocks of up to four storeys high and generous outdoor spaces form an interconnected community along a central axis. Public space and services for everyday use are allocated to the street front with the primary objective being to provide a pleasant city centre for Merheim. At the heart of this ensemble lies an attractive semi-public square. The single apartments meant for senior residents are located by the Kieskaulerweg, whereas the family units with private gardens are designated to the western side of the site. ‘Green’ surfaces are designed in such a way that they can be shared among residents while underlining the free-standing “villa” character of the development. Each unit is equipped with a private outdoor space in the form of a balcony or terrace. All paths can be accessed by foot and can be suitable for vehicles if required. An underground parking facility offers parking spaces for all residents and can be accessed via the Kieskaulerweg at the Northeast border of the site.

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Competition: Gutachterverfahren
Price: 1st place
Completion: 2015
BGF: 14.900 m²
BRI: 47.747 m³
Projectnumber: 618