Capricornhaus Düsseldorf - E.ON Energy Trading

The design concept for the interior of the Capricornhaus office building makes optimum use of a flexible and entirely open floor plate achieved through the use of GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG’s intelligent i-module facade. The ground floor, for example, provides a 2300 m² open plan workspace – the best possible layout for a trader floor; this considerable area was liberated by the rigorous integration of the many building components. GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG designed a range of bespoke furniture and products for this project, including a Corian reception desk, trader desks, workstations, communication ‘floats’ (generous 13m long units situated in break-out areas which foster dialogue and conversation between colleagues), tables, light fittings and the entire lounge areas, restaurant, offices and meeting areas. The distinctive purpose-designed trader desks are formed from over 250 components, ingeniously assembled to create a smoothly solid and coherent form. Up to six monitors and several processors can be installed within the 1800mm length of a single workspace. Each desk also includes a cooling unit that can be controlled individually and supports the decentralised ventilation system in the i-module facade.

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Owner: E.ON Energy Trading (Interior)
User: E.ON Energy Trading
BGF: 43.000 m²
BRI: 154.000 m³
Projectnumber: 0