G + S House - Cologne

The concept underpinning the design of this striking residence was the desire to create a seamless transition between inside and outside, creating a spacious and light-filled living environment. The strong sense of openness that characterises this dwelling is enhanced by elements such as the two double-height spaces in the entrance and dining areas as well as the use of generous internal openings and partial glass walls between rooms. A bold use of colour counterpoints the airy clarity of the interior spaces, with striking panels of colour used to highlight certain elements of the house and emphasise their particular function.

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Completion: 2000
Owner: private
BGF: 593
BRI: 1.734
Honors: 2002 - Architekturpreis Holger-Reiners Stiftung Einfamilienhäuser - Energiebewußtes Bauen: 1st Prize for G + S House
Projectnumber: 403