PAN Clinic - Cologne

This ingenious scheme transformed two floors within a centrally-located former department store into a private clinic with 17 different medical faculties including in- and out-patient departments. The primary aim was to design a facility free from the sterile atmosphere often associated with hospitals. In response, GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG conceived of the development as a house-lined street culminating in a light-flooded entrance space which provides the central information and distribution area for all the services located within the clinic. Clarity of orientation is achieved by locating the in- and out-patient areas to either side of the internal street, with each department distinguished by a different material or colour and spatially defined as boxes that project into the street area. A rich and robust palette of materials such as maple, mahogany, aluminium and painted render animates the corridor and transforms it into a stimulating and welcoming space.

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Completion: 1999
Owner: Neumarkt Immobiliengesellschaft & Co.KG
Characteristics: Praxisgröße 6500 m²
Projectnumber: 369