Postbank Back Offices - Cologne

The building consists of five wings which are linked by a primary route, conceived as an internal street of 140m in length. A concrete wall along the entire length of the route acts as thermal storage; thereby, playing a key role in the building’s energy strategy. The wall, also serves as the canvas for a vast artwork developed by artist Thomas Weil, a striking intervention that visually links all floor levels as well as the five individual wings.
The roof structure was designed with the intent to integrate photovoltaic panels, rather than adding them as stand-alone elements. This was a new technology at the time of design and construction and the Postbank building pioneered this use of newly-developed composite panels. A brise-soleil façade along the street is equally important to the building’s environmental strategy; this shading element is particularly deep but sits at a distance from the glass skin, thus preventing direct sunlight from entering and overheating the building, but allowing diffused daylight to considerably enhance the interior spaces.

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Completion: 1998
LPH: 1 - 8
Owner: Postbank AG , vertr. durch Postbank Immobilien- und Baumanagement AG
BGF: 25.900 m²
BRI: 98.000 m³
Characteristics: staff 800 persons
Honors: 1999 Lichtarchitekturpreis, bes. Anerkennung
1996 Photovoltaik in Gebäuden, engere Wahl
Projectnumber: 295