Office building "Im Zollhafen 22" - Cologne

The office building on Plot 10 in Cologne’s historic Rheinauhafen harbour district, occupies a prime waterfront position, situated between two fifteen-storey ‘crane house’ office towers. Four complete storeys with penthouse levels and building technology set on top, have been merged to form a sculptural volume. The main body of the building, which dissolves as it rises, integrates all technical building services, allowing the roof to become the fifth façade.The building’s energy-efficient panelised façade is characterised by a layered effect, featuring light-coloured anodised aluminium frames on the outer face of each panel and dark-coloured, opaque infills to the rear. This layered composition introduces an intriguing depth to the elevations while enhancing the verticality of the building overall. An exemplary sustainable service strategy optimises the use of passive building elements in conjunction with a minimal use of technology. This approach, combining simplicity with the utmost efficiency, has produced a building which offers a 45% saving on the EnEV statutory requirement for primary energy consumption, resulting in a scheme which is as innovative as it is economically viable.

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Competition: Eingeladenener Wettbewerb
Price: 1. Platz
Completion: 2012
Owner: moderne stadt Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Städtebaues und der Gemeindeentwicklung mbH
User: BDO AG, Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
BGF: 7.501 m²
BRI: 26.566 m³
Projectnumber: 589