Dominium Generali Deutschland Holding - Cologne

The Kontor 19 office development introduces a distinctively contemporary presence to Cologne’s waterfront district and occupies a prime position between two very different historic structures, the Port Authority building from 1889 and the thirteenth-century Bayenturm (both these buildings have themselves been transformed as part of separate projects by GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG). The building’s cladding consists of aluminium panels whose warm golden tint was selected to harmonise with the stone of the Bayenturm. The panels are embossed with a pattern designed by artist Peter Bossley which brings a rich degree of texture and depth to the elevations; this effect was achieved using a special anodising technique developed in New Zealand and used here for the first time in Europe.
The building is also notable for its exemplary integrated environmental strategy. A series of glazed panels in the façade contain automatic ventilation flaps for natural night cooling. Other features include concrete core activation and daylight deflection louvres that deflect direct sunlight but reflect ambient light into the building’s interior, thus reducing to the requirement for artificial lighting.

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Completion: 2009
Owner: Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH, Köln
User: Generali Deutschland Holding AG
BGF: 24.600 m²
BRI: 74.340 m³
Projectnumber: 567