Office building Eastgate - Frankfurt_OK_LAURA

Spatial efficiency, high-quality offices, with a strong identity and entrances that add prestige were the objectives for this new office building. In response to these guidelines a floor plan was created that takes up the acute angle formed by the adjacent streets and creates a forecourt through an oval configuration of the building corner. The elliptical shape of the front of the building allows open views from every workplace and numerous space arrangements in diverse sizes. In addition, the building form has an efficient ratio of façade settlement to usable office space and has allowed for a 15% reduction in built mass without affecting the quality or the spatial program as was required by the investor.

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Completion: 2012
User: BDO AG, Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
BGF: 9.350 m²
BRI: 31.027 m³
Projectnumber: 612