Capricorn House - Düsseldorf

Large glazed atria, the pronounced rhythm of red glass panels and the unusual, 150-metre-long, sinuous plan define the building, which together forms the southern boundary of Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen. This administration building strands out for its outstanding functional efficiency and DGNB platinum certificate for energy conservation.

A particularly exposed and challenging site prompted Gatermann + Schossig to develop the i-modul façade, a cladding system that houses building services for heating, cooling, ventilation and heat recovery as well as lighting and sound insulation within unitised cladding panels which measure a mere 20cm in depth. Integrating building services in the façade in this way has greatly increased both the available area and the flexibility of the interior which can be radically transformed without any major refurbishment work. The compact form, innovative building components and intelligent, high-performance façades define Capricornhaus as an exemplary low-energy building. Other sustainable features include geothermal heat pumps, concrete core activation and heat recovery systems; all of which, contribute to a considerable reduction in running costs and enable the building to provide a 26% undercut on the statutory EnEV requirements for primary energy use.

Characteristics: Extension with connecting bridge and conference centre

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Completion: 2020
Owner: Pirol Holzstraße GmbH & Co. KG
User: Uniper
BGF: 43.000 m²
BRI: 154.000 m³
Energy: 26% besser als EnEV, DGNB Gold, DGNB Platin
Characteristics: Extension with connecting bridge and conference centre
Honors: 2016 - DGNB Platin
2013 - DGNB Gold
2010 - Best Office Award 2010, Nominierung E.ON Energy Trading
2009 - BEX 2009 Innovation Award
2008- Prime Property Award, Nominierung als Bestplazierung
2008 - AIT Office Application Award 2008, Besondere Auszeichnung
2007 - best architects 08, label best architects
2006 - Innovationspreis Architektur und Office, Auszeichnung Stehleuchte Siteco
2005 - Innovationspreis Architektur und Technik, 1. Preis für i-modulFassade
Projectnumber: 417