Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft - Leverkusen

The conversion of a former curative education centre into an administration building was achieved by demolishing the existing building down to the partial shell. The existing "comb structure" was extended by greenhouses set between the wings in order to provide the usable space for an open office concept for small group work (3-4 persons). From the start, the considerations regarding the building services and energy concept were shaped by the idea of creating a structure with the least possible technology and energy consumption. By significantly reducing the envelope surface, highly insulating outer façades and installing greenhouses for the use of passive solar energy, it was possible to reduce energy consumption considerably. When choosing the building materials, great importance was attached to recyclability. Instead of using a synthetic foil, sealing of the outside surfaces was done with layers of hight-density clay.

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Price: 1. Preis
Completion: 1995
Owner: Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft Leverkusen mbH
BGF: 6.732 m²
BRI: 30.585 m³
Projectnumber: 232