PAN Clinic - Cologne

The existing reinforced concrete structure of a former two-storey warehouse with a floor area of 130×35 m was converted into a multipractice health centre, offering services to 17 different medical fields. It provides a surgical centre, a clinic for day-surgeries and a patient area. The individual practices and patient services are linked by a joint foyer on the third floor and long central corridors. The goal was to avoid a sterile hospital atmosphere. From the outset, the concept was based on utilising daylight to divide the linear spatial structure into smaller elements. To this end, the spatial organisation is based on the idea of an “inner street with adjoining houses” arranged around the foyer or heart of the building. Different wood facings, aluminium surfaces and colors, enhanced with projections and recesses in the individual boxes, are reminiscent of a series of street fronts. Intermittently, daylight falls onto the central corridor or and is simulated by yellow surfaces and white artificial light. The length of the inner street is expressed by the rhythm of transverse light strips in the ceiling. Daylight filters from the glass rotunda in the surgery area through a translucent wall all the way into the dynamic central access and circulation corridor. An additional enlivening element that is carried through to even the smallest consulting rooms is the colourful artwork by Thomas Weil.

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Completion: 1999
Owner: Neumarkt Immobiliengesellschaft & Co.KG
Projectnumber: 369