Polyclinic Rodenkirchen - Cologne

This scheme for a polyclinic creates a welcoming environment characterised by openness and spaciousness and enlivened by the distinctive use of colour. A simple glazed facade fronts a generous, light-filled three-storey entrance area which leads directly off the street and ensures the building has an immediately open and welcoming atmosphere. Shops, cafes and restaurants are situated on the ground floor while the polyclinic is located on the levels above. A staircase tower encased in timber cladding brings a warm note of contrast to the steel and glass facade. This stairway offers access to all floors and the wood cladding extends into the interior of the building in the form of timber flooring which features on all levels. A series of coloured and illuminated glass walls define the different medical facilities offered within the clinic and provide a visually striking means of orientation for patients. The illuminated glass panels are clearly visible through the facade from the street, bringing a rich glow of colour to the elevation – particularly after nightfall – and lending a distinctive identity to the polyclinic.

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Completion: 2002
Owner: Forum Immobilien GmbH Köln
BGF: 9.686 m²
BRI: 36.085 m³
Projectnumber: 423