Main fire and emergency rescue station Krefeld

The fire station is based on an H-shaped floorplan, which consists of two parallel blocks and a connecting workshop building. The result is a protected fire drill yard partly open to the green space. The fire exercise building forms the termination of the ensemble. The main blocks of the building are linked by a glass foyer with an art wall (artist Thomas Weil), which offers space for exhibitions, information events, guided tours and celebrations to integrate the fire brigade into public life. The structure is functional, long-lasting, low-maintenance and designed for good communication.

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Competition: PPP-Projekt Verfahren
Price: 1. Preis
Completion: 2016
LPH: 1 - 8
Owner: Stadt Krefeld mit Auftragnehmer VINCI Facilities SKE GmbH
User: Hauptfeuer- und Rettungswache; Feuerwehr Krefeld
BGF: 18.486 m²
BRI: 91.307 m³
Honors: Krefelder Architekturpreis 2017
BDA Preis 2017 - Auszeichnung guter Bauten - Anerkennung
Iconic Award 2017, architecture winner
Projectnumber: 641