Facade Motel One Cäcilienstraße Cologne

On `Cäcilienstraße´ small-scale listed buildings of the 1950s stand next to large-scale building-complexes with coarser proportions. Exactly these contrasts are combined in the façade of `motel one´, whereby the new building blends sensitively into the urban context. With the recesses in its profile, the hotel façade in velvety white concrete gains a homogeneous and yet lively image. The high degree of industrial prefabrication of the storey-high façade modules provides precision, reduces construction time and offers economic advantages.

The building reaches through the whole block and connects the streets on both sides. Two spacious inner courtyards in the interior of the complex offer an oasis of tranquillity in Cologne's city centre and provide additional lighting and ventilation. While the single elements of the façade take up the formal language of the flanking 1950s buildings in proportion and details, the enormous size of the complex is reflected in the uniformity of the façade. Large windows provide a view into the lobby on ground floor. Sliding doors extend the bar area onto the large sidewalk in summer. The public underground car park has a separate entrance from `Cäcilienstraße´ and is open to the public.

Architekten Hotel - Grimbacher Nogales Architekten
Architekten Fassade - Gatermann + Schossig Architekten

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Competition: nicht offener einphasiger Realisierungswettbewerb
Price: 1. price
Advertiser: Hochtief HTP Projekt Entwicklung
Completion: 2018
Owner: Hochtief HTP Projekt Entwicklung
User: Motel One
Characteristics: 5.352 m² Façade
Projectnumber: 677