Capricorn Bridge

The polymorphic Capricorn Bridge in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen connects two buildings of the Uniper headquarters: the 'Capricornhaus' by GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG and the 'FLOAT' by Renzo Piano Architects. The steel and glass construction is formally an independent element that sets itself apart from the two very different buildings. The complex form of the bridge is derived from the various building axes and entry possibilities into the buildings. The central pylon, in which these building lines intersect, supports the entire construction, so that no vertical loads are introduced into the existing buildings. The supporting structure of the 37m long kinked bridge, consists of steel tubes on which the trapezoidal and triangular glass elements, some of which are very pointed, rest directly. In this facetted "tube," which is enclosed on all sides, a metal walkway spans across the street at a height of 4m. Due to the printed pattern of increasing and decreasing dots on the glass elements, which are up to 8m long and 3.50m high, any feeling of space between wall, ceiling and floor is eliminated. Seen from the outside, the polygonal design makes the bridge look like a polished "diamond".

Capricornhaus Düsseldorf Architekt: GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG
Arbeitsplätze: 1150 Fertigstellung: 2008 , Nutzer: UNIPER (vormals E.ON)

Nutzer: UNIPER, Arbeitsplätze: 1400 , Fertigstellung: 2019

Mehr zum Bau der Capricorn Brücke ist auf der Webcam zu sehen.

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Building phase: Juni 2019
Owner: Pirol Holzstraße GmbH & Co. KG
Keywords: Länge 37,0 m
Breite 1,80 m - 2,60 m
Höhe Brücke ca. 4,0 m
Projectnumber: 697