Freestanding Urban Urinal

The development of the freestanding urinal spawned out of an increasing demand for such a functional object. The core idea is to develop an object within a public space which, through its application of art becomes a vital functional but also emotional element of its environment. Through its minimal form, its reduction to a select few materials and surfaces (white concrete, colored glass and stainless-steel), the object appears more like a small folly.

The application of a powerful Vacuum-membrane allows for a completely waterless-urinal. At night, the urinal is illuminated for functional and atmospheric purposes.

The surface of the screening can be clad in artistic compositions if required. Internationally acclaimed artists such as Rainer Gross (New York), Andreas Lutherer (Nettetal), Markus Linnenbrink (New York) and Thomas Weil (Munich) are ready to provide their work.

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Project partners: Hering-Bau Produkttechnik GmbH