NRW ministry of Education - Düsseldorf

This competition-winning scheme for the Ministry of Education of North Rhine-Westphalia creates a building characterised by remarkable transparency and openness, providing a pleasant and stimulating workplace for the ministry’s employees. Two L-shaped buildings, each of four storeys, are connected to two glass entrances which enclose a generous internal courtyard. The glazed entrance areas enable views through the building and allow a sense of visual permeability, which is further enhanced by a series of large loggias which create external spaces without interrupting the simple form of the building. GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG’s Integral Façade system was reconfigured for this project so that the opaque metal panels became operable rather than their glazed counterparts; this has the effect of concealing the window frames, thereby lending the façade an elegantly slender and delicate appearance. Despite its seemingly lightness and transparency, the façade offers a highly efficient proportion of glazed to opaque area, around 47% to 53%. This highly energy-efficient building achieves a saving of 38% on the statutory EnEV energy saving requirements.

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Competition: eingeladener Wettbewerb
Price: 1. Preis
Completion: 2006
Owner: Bau- u. Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW, NL Düsseldorf
BGF: 11.100 m²
BRI: 38.000 m³
Honors: 2006 - BDA Preis Düsseldorf
Auszeichnung guter Bauten, Anerkennung
Innovationspreis Architektur und Technik, bes. Anerkennung für Fassadenkonzept
Projectnumber: 479