KölnTriangle Office Tower

Office Tower and events facilitiy KölnTriangle has introduced a graceful presence to the city’s skyline. The Reuleaux triangle plan with three convex curved modular façades evolved from energy criteria. A rear-ventilated double façade on the south side provides optimal wind and sun protection, while the northeast and northwest façades were designed as single layers to optimize the view of the Cathedral and reduce investment and operating costs. The combination of circular core and smoothly graduated room depth offers a variety of work spaces, from open-plan areas to individual offices. The building also employs a range of sustainable features, including geothermal heat pumps, a heat-recovery system, activation of the thermal mass and a decentralised ventilation system which allows the individual environmental regulation of each floor. The entrance to the building is marked a generous 600m² lobby and a planted internal courtyard, both of which can be hired for events. A public viewing gallery at the apex of the tower offers spectacular panoramic views out across the city and provides an unrivalled prospect of Cologne Cathedral.

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Price: 1. Preis, Architekten- und GU-Wettbewerb mit Ed Züblin AG
Completion: 1. BA 1995, 2. BA 2004, 3. BA 04/2006
Owner: Rheinische Versorgungskassen
User: Stadt Köln, Amt für Gebäudewirtschaft
BGF: 84.300 m²
BRI: 295.300 m³
Projectnumber: 322