P House - Cologne

The novel form of this private residence developed out of a desire to break down the required 500m² floor area into an intriguing and striking spatial composition. The accommodation is formed by three cuboid volumes, two of which intersect at right angles to form the ground floor while the third floats over them. The use of a different material for each cuboid form – respectively fair-faced concrete, red-stained cedar and dark, veined granite – creates dynamic contrast and ensures that each form reads as a distinct and precisely-defined entity. The north-facing façade, which addresses the street and contains the main entrance, has a limited number of windows and is highly insulated, offering protection against noise emissions from the street. In contrast, the southern aspect of the house is more open, featuring generous glazing shielded by louvres and offering views out to the gardens at the rear of the building. Additionally, a solar thermal installation on the roof meets the building’s requirements for hot water.

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Completion: 1999
LPH: 1-9
Owner: private
BGF: 494
BRI: 1951
Honors: 1999 - Architekturpreis Holger-Reiners-Stiftung Einfamilienhäuser: Award for P House
Projectnumber: 309