P House - Cologne

Featuring a range of carefully-selected materials, the interiors of this private residence are characterised by smooth surfaces and clarity of form throughout. This unified approach emphasises the fluid interplay between internal spaces and the general openness of this distinctive house. A variety of specially-designed built-in furniture allows for uninterrupted views throughout the interior and great care has been taken to ensure that the quality of construction and detailing enhances the integral qualities of the refined materials used. The resulting home possesses an entirely distinctive spatial and visual character that is as comfortable and user-friendly as it is elegant and striking.

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Completion: 1999
Owner: privat
BGF: 495
BRI: 1950
Honors: 1999 - Internationaler Architekturpreis der Holger-Reiners-Stiftung„Die besten Einfamilienhäuser A, CH, D “, Auszeichnung
Projectnumber: 309