GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG believes that true sustainability is achieved through a conscientious use of resources, not only during construction but throughout the building’s subsequent life in use. Our sustainable design approach strives for an exceptional degree of in-built flexibility which ensures that our buildings can be adapted to accommodate future shifts in use or changing requirements with ease and efficiency, thereby maximising economic viability and ensuring the conservation of resources.

Our understanding of the ways in which resources can be saved extends beyond basic economical and ecological considerations to embrace the cost-effectiveness, quality and efficiency of both the materials used within a structure and the functional use of the building itself. It also takes into account vital factors such as the spatial quality of buildings, the way that users experience them and the extent to which they can enhance and revitalise their surrounding context.

With these principles at the core of our design approach, GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG has been designing and building exemplary energy-efficient and highly sustainable buildings for over 25 years. In order to achieve the most sustainable design concept possible we harness the skills of a range of specialist consultants who are an integral part of the design team from the outset. The buildings which result from this diligent and creative design process are characterised by their intelligent design rather than by the application of technology for its own sake.